Quartzline Protect Fast Cure outdoor terrace

Quartzline Protect Fast Cure is a floor finish that can be walked on quickly, is easy to process and ensures an attractive result.


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In our spacious and conveniently arranged showroom in Dordrecht, you can view all Quartzline floor and wall systems at your leisure. Naturally, your clients are also more than welcome to be inspired by the possibilities offered by Quartzline floor and wall systems. 
After a visit to our showroom, we would like to invite you to tour our factory. This will give you an impression of how our floor and wall systems are produced. Please make an appointment for this with one of our accountmanagers



Quartzline SL-PU UV CM

Quartzline SL-PU UV CM is technically the same as the well-known Quartzline SL-PU UV, a two-component, solvent-free, pigmented, self-leveling casting floor based on an aliphatic polyurethane with tough elastic properties. This floor is primarily used where a flexible and comfortable seamless floor is desired.


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Quartzline Cem Micro

Cem Micro consists of two products, the coarse Micro Base and the very fine Micro Top.
Both are a durable microcement for floors and walls. This composition provides excellent properties and an attractive appearance.



For optimal application of Quartzline floor systems, a number of manuals are available. These manuals can be downloaded from our website under the DOWNLOADS button. The following manuals are available to download: Coating EPG | Coating GWV | Coating PU SG Coloured | Primer GW | PUCEM L | PUCEM SL | PUCEM TF | Corques Liquid Lino.


Quartzline Protect Fast Cure quickly walkable again

Quartzline Protect Fast Cure is a floor finish that is quickly walkable again and ensures an attractive end result. With the application of just one or two coats, you can quickly transform an old, worn-out gallery floor into a modern, functional floor.


Quartzline products for repairing galleries in Nieuwegein

In Nieuwegein, the galleries of six flats were renovated by Grandia Betonherstel BV of Asperen. "For this project, we worked with the Quartzline Protect Fast Cure floor system. Polyaspartic is used in the sand layer and top layer. This adheres well to various substrates, it is good anti-slip, finely workable and it is odorless. A plus for Quartzline because don't underestimate the latter. Many products simply smell and that is extremely unpleasant to work with, not only for us but also for the environment," Ludwig Grandia says. The job covered some 2,000 m2. First, the top layers were removed and the thickness edges and kick edges were repaired and coated. After renovating the floors, another non-slip coating was applied.



Floor factory hall is ready for use again!

The floor of this factory hall was cracked, not flat, not smooth and therefore not tight. Thanks to Quartzline products, the floor is like new again. First, sections of the floor were repaired and then leveled with Quartzline Cementitious SL Underlayment 2-20 mm NF. This leveler ensures a smooth and tight end result, has a short drying time, has excellent flowability and is easy to work with.

After leveling, the floor was overlaid with Quartzline Protect SL-EP2K. This is a seamless heavy-duty flooring system for industrial applications with optional hollow skirting finish. This cast floor system has strong chemical protection and abrasion resistance. The wear resistance can be further enhanced with additional infill material consisting of a black and white speckle (carborundum and molochite), which also brings a beautiful shimmer to the floor.


NEW: Europox Z-speed

Europox Z speed is a solvent-free two-component epoxy primer.
Europox Z speed has excellent adhesion qualities for normal to highly absorbent porous substrates and is the recommended primer for porous cement-bound substrates such as concrete and cement screeds.
Europox Z speed has a very fast drying time of approx. 2 hours (depending on conditions).


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